Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Renewing Discipline

Time for renewing my self-discipline and focus on physical fitness goals, now that I am not using the greatest portion of my capacity for self-discipline in actor training. I weigh around 205 right now (and that I don't know precisely is a smallish bad sign). I have weighed anywhere between 193 and 208 during the past three+ years. I feel best and most fit at the low end of this range. At my heaviest, circa 2001, I weighed 260. Now is the time for me to use, once again, those skills and tools that helped me drop all that weight and get fit. I'm glad I have so much LESS to lose this time, in part because back then, I had the advantage of being single and not prone to 'social eating,' whereas now I'm dating a woman who enjoys both cooking and eating out. She eats with exquisite moderation, herself, but my guard tends to go down when eating in (any) company.

One of my first tasks: schedule a variety of work outs I enjoy, which include long-distance walking, short runs, rowing (on a rowing machine; when I go back east, I'll try sculling), and pilates (on a reformer and mat). Also: cut refined sugars from my diet as much as possible. I'm doing better this week than last, and I like fruit, so I have a chance. I've already cut out red meat (I'm scared off by the cancer research) and most carbonated beverages.

I'm still not much interested in writing on my blog, though. By the time I do regain interest, I'll have lost all my usual readers. When I sense that's happened, I'll come up with something juicy, no doubt.

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SamA said...

Go to it young man. I am playing Lear in the spring and using it as a spring board to get off my plateau. Looking forward to trading tales of loss and gain with you in the near future.