Monday, September 14, 2009

All Hail, Ashley Jensen!

In the past couple of weeks, Irene and I have watched both seasons of Ricky Gervais' Extras, British humor with a hard, satirical--rather than merely sardonic--edge on it. I find many of the bits excruciating to watch: British t.v. comedy seems always to have specialized in surgically peeling back the multiple, but fragile, thin layers between self-respect and absolute subjugation to every social bigotry imaginable. I frequently stop watching a scene midway through, returning to it hours later, better fortified for the bloodsport.

'Maggie' has broken my heart countless times in these two weeks as she, in her blessed dimness, has cratered under the onslaughts of humiliation while also peppering her best friend, 'Andy,' with mortal shot. Ashley Jensen brilliantly colored her in. She stole more than one scene from her equally brilliant, attention-grabbing co-stars.

(I know, I'm late to Extras, but that's because I watch all my t.v. on iTunes or Netflix. I get to everything 1/2 to 1 season late.... Cheaper than cable.)

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suzy vitello soulé said...

I love Extras. Especially the one where Kate Winslet plays the nun. Talk about comic timing. And yes, Maggie is a heartbreaker and an annoying dimwit both.