Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Broadway South?

I don't know how far they'll get, but I'm hopeful that New Orleans entrepreneurs and politicians make some head away with their dreams of a "Broadway South." Present-day Canal Street is, and has long been, a dreary mess, but it does have 10,000 seats spread between four mostly ruined, old theaters in a four block area that could easily host large touring shows and Vegas-style acts. Branson, Missouri appears to be one of developers' models.

To my own surprise, I find that New Orleans appeals to me as a place to live and work, Yankee that I am. I do have tons of family there, so that's part of it. But also, the stylishness-yet-informality, loquacity, humor and baroqueness of both culture and daily life in New Orleans sit well with me. I can breathe there.

I don't think I'll be relocating to New Orleans any time soon, but if I can spend weeks or months there on film or stage gigs, I will.

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