Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Confession about King Lear

I now confess (to myself) that I don't really like most of KING LEAR. My favorite scene is the division of the estate. One of the elements of the McKellen/Nunn version I most like is the emphasis on supplications to the Gods. I hadn't realized before how many times both Lear and other characters call out to the gods, who very clearly aren't listening, or aren't there (which may explain why the famous Heideggarian scholar and Jesuit Priest, William J. Richardson, did not think highly of Lear.) I will watch the Olivier again, though, because there are other elements I also picked up on for the first time and intrigued me a lot. I may well come to love KING LEAR as I came to love AS YOU LIKE IT, after first not caring for it much.

I did like the text cuts in the dividing the estate scene. Cordelia is made tougher and less passive aggressive by cutting her self-doubting asides. She is more her father's daughter in this version.

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