Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stephen Sondheim and Frank Rich: Cashing In

Stephen Sondheim and Frank Rich are conducting a conversation for the public in Houston next Sunday, tickets for which range from $22 to $77, prices comparable for tickets to a full musical or concert.

I highly respect these gentlemen, but this is obnoxious.  I understand high ticket prices for theatrical productions:  they are a necessary evil.  A taste for theater may be had by a relatively elite few in our culture, but access to theater should not be restricted to them.  For two prominent, well-heeled theater people to collude in barring access to hearing them speak and having the chance to ask them questions, is unconscionable.  How much can two chairs, a table, and pitcher of water and a night at Za Za (or where ever) cost?  I'm offended wounded.

We'll probably go for the cheapest seats.  But, hurrumpf!

(Okay, "collude" is a little strong, but I just want to open up the tent....)

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