Friday, October 02, 2009


I'm visiting the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia this weekend. I'm very much looking forward to seeing their Black Friars Theatre, what I hear is a gorgeous reconstruction of the original, in London. I'll see TITUS ANDRONICUS, MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, and HENRY IV PART I. Tomorrow, I'll also audition for the 2010/11 season, and I'll visit with one of Jack Young's former MFA students, who has been playing major roles, including Hamlet and Hal. I'll walk around the historical town of Staunton, take a drive in the mountains, try to shed a little stress.

Stress? I'm not fond of under-employment. For various reasons, it's not been practical yet for me to up and move to Philadelphia, but finally I'll be able to do so during the coming month--and that'll feel better. Once in Philadelphia, I can not only look for roles, but also find a voice coach, a stage combat workshop, a dance class or two, and perhaps an advanced scene study class. I may also find some adjunct work myself, since I'm credentialed to teach English lit, composition, and theater/acting. I've not been able to do any of that, while still split between Portland and Houston and away-trips for auditions and other business. I also have material for writing.

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