Thursday, November 12, 2009

National Novel Writing Month : Ah, Damn.

As National Novel Writing Month gallops along I've fallen wheezing off the back of the pack.  No matter.  It's made me start writing.  I'm making discoveries each time I type even a few words, so I'm going to finish way, way later than the end of November, but I'm going to finish.  The bonzai! approach didn't quite work out for me on this one, but it didn't quite fail, either.  I still owe Suzie V. at least a paragraph at the end of each day.  That's something.

One over-arching discovery:  in the past, my attempts at writing fiction were often stymied because I didn't know as many different kinds of people as needed.  Most novels don't thrive on nature descriptions alone, they need to be peopled.  I'm finding that by now, however, I do indeed know many kinds of people.  Finding characters to fuel events is no longer a problem.

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suzy vitello soulé said...

Your last para of 11/12 was testimony to that, my friend!

Happy writing, no matter how slow.

This stuff is, well, sort of fun, don't you think?