Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"The Prisoner" (2009)

Tonight, I'm watching the AMC miniseries remake of the 1968 BBC series original.  So far: ugh.  This version completely misses the Fellini-esque and theatrical atmosphere and humor of the original, which worked because it was funny, in a serious way.  The tongue-in-cheek acting style made the dread more dreadful.  The style and tone of the original could not be separated from the substance.  This remake I'm watching is straight-up realism, with nary a wink to the audience.  This leave us with just the story, which isn't complete--isn't the story the filmmakers seem to think it is--without the self-knowing theatrics.  Boris Karloff and James Whales could have taught these people a thing or two.

I can smell the bacon frying in the pan and it's boring.

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