Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dick Cavett on Writing Talent

In today's NYT, Dick Cavett wrote:
What explains the fact that there is so much good writing among the readers?  Even "You are not very funny, Mr. Cavett..." got to me, providing good contrast, lest the compliments turn my head.)  There is stuff in those "letters" that is as good as anything turned out by us alleged pros.  Dare one say sometimes better?
I commented:
Oh yes, talent more widely disburses itself than those who are lauded for theirs could know. That is one reason I'm a fan of the blogosphere. Most of what's on the information highway may be "road kill," as John Updike lamented, but much of it ain't.
I remember that when personal computers were first coming on the scene there was a lot of hand wringing in the land about 'the end of literacy.' Hogwash. The shape of literacy may be shifting under our collectively typing fingers while we all adjust to reading on screens rather than on dead trees, but it's not dwindling. I even predict that we will come to appreciate the new, quasi-epistolary literary forms that emerge in email, blogs, and--perhaps--even Twitter, though I confess that's a bridge too far for me.

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