Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Trans-contintental Life in Regional Theater

I like the way my career promises to unfold as a genuinely bicoastal and middle-American thing.  I'll soon move to Philadelphia, and with the help of generous Portland colleagues with ties there, put down professional roots, while also returning to Portland for opportunities to work with people I've looked up to for years, while also continuing my satisfying work with Oklahoma Shakespearean Festival whenever the opportunity arises, while also returning frequently to Houston.  Now that I'm out of grad school, the Houston theater community has begun to find a place in my heart much as the Portland community has, and I anticipate a similar bond growing between me and Philadelphia.  I very much like moving between well-defined regional theater scenes.  This is not an L.A.-N.Y.C. axis I'm working and living on; not that high-fly'n; not that generic.  The regional scenes between which I find myself moving are definitely home-grown phenomenons, shaped by regional interests and pressures.  I'm exhilarated to find my place in regional American theater.

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