Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the River

I'll be staying on a friend's houseboat between Portland and Sauvie Island while I'm in Oregon for two weeks.  It's a lovely little place, where my friends have lived off-and-on for years.  Wild life swims up, the neighbors are friendly, and the "Christmas boats" go by every year about this time.  I'll be there from Monday, December 7th, until Monday, December 21st.

And I should have a party out there because as much as I enjoy my own company I also don't like being too much alone for too long.  Been there, done that.  That's why I stay so often (and spend so much) in nice hotels.  I can choose the degree of privacy I want at any time and still trade pleasantries, chat, and make jokes with strangers.  I like people to be near, but not too near.

But, the houseboat is a particularly lovely place, an inexpensive way to be in Portland without straining the hospitality of friends, and a great place to write.

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suzy vitello soulé said...

My last visit there, I was very pleased with the working wi-fi too!

Can't wait to see you David!!!!