Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thinking About DavidMillstone.com

Today, I meet with web designer and artist Julia Stoops about designing a new website for me.  "davidmillstone.com" is, at present, bare bones.  I want something that expresses better who I am as, first, a theater person, second, a writer, third, a teacher, and forth, a decent (if occasionally exasperating) human being.  Because my first priority is to WORK, I need to make the site attractive and clear to potential employers and collaborators.  Though I have a reasonably broad set of skills, I don't want to muddy the water by appearing to want to be all things to all people.  I could put up multiple portfolios--i.e., of writing samples, photographs, reels, production shots--but if I do, I risk having them cancel one another out.

I think the focus of my website should be to show me as a 'dedicated theater/film person,' rather than as merely an 'actor,' or even 'actor-writer.'  If this is the focus, perhaps I should then, also, find a way to expand this blog into a more front-burner project, something on the order of a small ezine, which would mean formalizing some broader objectives for it and dedicating myself to organizing, promoting and creating predictable content which readers want.  You think?  Do you have any thoughts about any of this?  I'm in the 'what-if' mode about all this.

My particular strengths as a writer (e.g., I excel at the 800-1,000 word essay) may make a modest-scaled journalistic venture such as a comprehensive blog a sensible project.


Mead said...

I have no doubt your content will be cogent and compelling, David. But "predictable"? Nyet. Though I know you what mean.

This will be great, and I'm already looking forward. The key, I think, will be to figure out how this augments your life as an artist, rather than distracts you from it, you know?

suzy vitello soulé said...

I agree! And Mead, are you Mead Hunter? This is too funny. I just left our buddy Ted. Still wrestling with structure, but in a fun way.

Hey, David, did I tell you you'd love Julia? I can't wait to see what she and you come up with...

Mead said...

I love it when people I really like turn out to know each other already. G\Please give my best to Ted, too!