Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Willamette River Idyll

I'm alternating between turning on central heating and stoking the wood stove out at my friends' houseboat, depending on whether I prefer not to listen to the rattle of the electric heater or to warm up the bathroom, which remains cold, when I rely only on stoking the wood stove.  At the moment, rain pelts the deck and roof.  The wooden planking outdoors is soaked black.  The soft window light indoors soothes me, as does the absence of car horns, racing motorcycles and emergency sirens.  I've not spent enough time out here on this trip, at least not for as many consecutive daylight hours as I need to get some things done:  phone calls, writing, decision making.  I've been visiting with friends, going to meetings, window shopping (in preparation for really shopping), catching a couple of movies.  I thoroughly enjoyed Nicholas Cage's vanity free performance in Bad Lieutenant (Val Kilmer is also humble--man, I like him.)  The Fox Tower 10 seems to be showing most of the movies I need to see before blowing town.  Tonight, I go to Sam Mowry's 50th Birthday party. I've known Sam off-and-on since 1992.  A big-hearted man.  No one more deserves to celebrate fifty than he.  Fifty:  the perfect marriage of maturity and insouciance, particularly for a theater cat.

I'm looking forward to having the move to Philadelphia over and done, come the end of January.  Traveling as much as I have done in the past few months has been both pleasurable and educational, but I'm hungry to settle down and work.  I need to be in one place to start chasing again commercial and print as well as theatre gigs.  Before I left Portland for grad school, the commercial and print work was just beginning to pick up for me.  Now, I have to introduce myself to the Philadelphia market and weather the initial months of not-being-well-enough-known.  I'm more than ready to get going.

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