Monday, January 11, 2010

Gypsy Days

I've been in Philadelphia for a couple of days and found an affordable place I truly like at Sherman Mills, in East Falls.  There's not a lot out there, but close proximity to parks and the water should be nice during warm months.  The neighborhoods between East Falls and Center City are down-at-the-heels:  many boarded up doorways between there and downtown.  I'll need to drive to a grocery store.  The train ride into the city is ten minutes though, so commutes will be easy.  Several Sherman Mills residents make the daily trek into Manhattan, as well, so my once-a-week-on-average trips into the city should be doable.

On Saturday night, I auditioned for the play LAST RITES, about life on the Camden, N.J. waterfront, being done by the South Camden Theater Co.  The troupe has been producing shows for five years and this is the inaugural show in it's very own, newly built theater, in a building all it's own.  It's community theater run by young actors who are dedicated to bringing life into extensively blighted Camden.  They have heart.  I don't know that I'll be able to work with them on this show, but hope to find an opportunity down the road.

Today, I audition for Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, which is doing MACBETH (open role:  MacDuff) and MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (open role:  Egeus/Quince), and tomorrow, I hit an open call for a local casting agent.  Next week, though, I also have an audition out of town--way out of town--which may mean that after all these months of striving to get into Philly, I may wind up delaying again, from anywhere between four months and a year.  I'll definitely be working out of town during the summer (for certain) and if I'm also working out of town during the spring and fall, paying rent in Philadelphia while I'm living in theater housing, or with friends, for six out of eight months won't make any sense.  I'm beginning to know why actors often call themselves gypsies.

I have a hold on the East Falls apartment through next Sunday.  I should know more by then.

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Pinky said...

Lots of work in Shreveport. You should check it out. We call it the Hollywood, South.