Friday, January 15, 2010

Twitter, Shmitter

Goodbye.  I deleted my Twitter account yesterday.  I maintained an account for a year, more or less, and followed it regularly.  I posted 100 times all told.  My last post was an irritated, passive aggressive query about someone else's post, which I'd misunderstood.  I apologized, then deleted my account, annoyed both by myself and the medium.  Enough is enough, for me.

I like technology and am amazed by the advent of social networking, which I see as a collectively clever way of combating individual isolation.  I'm addicted to Facebook (er, sorry.  I do "update" a lot.)  But, this was one river too far, so back across the Rubicon I've hopped.

Now, if only I had the courage to avoid 'texting.'


Kay Browning in DC said...

Had to laugh at your post. I have the same issues with all this technology. It's supposed to save time and make life easier - or at least that was the original idea. It doesn't always do that and dashing off a message can indeed lead to misunderstandings.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments about monologues. Yes, I have many more to get down, but I'm encouraged that my line memorization is getting faster and better so building a selection is not as daunting as it once seemed.

Didn't mean to sound irritated at college students, who certainly are fresh and full of inspiration (and talent!). What I meant (and what I believe Uta Hagen meant) was that Saint Joan requires maturity beyond her chronological age. Some early 20th century stage actresses played Saint Joan into their 40s.

She's too young for me,I guess, but I still love her words. (Sigh)

All the best, Kay.

Marsha said...

I prefer my facebook to my twitter account. I too have misinterpreted a twitter message and made a reply that made me look like a dweeb. LOL! Stuff happens.

Acting said...

Hi David, This comment made me chuckle slightly. Why? Well quite frankly, I have no idea but it is good to laugh hey. Social Networking sites are, to me, the way forward. I am not a hige Twitter fan myself as I have not really used my account. Maybe if I take the time to understand Twitter, then I may use it the way it should be used. It's basically Facebook minus everything bar the 'Status Update' right? Am I missing anything here? I hope you do not mind but as your blog is Actor related, I would like to let people know that I am in the process of developing a few blogs myself. I am new to all this, at the moment, but feel I am doing ok. Your blog seems very current and offers an 'easy to read' layout. If I could, would you be so kind as to have a litte nose at mine: and see what you think? There are a few events and 'Jobs and Opportunities' sections etc that need filling out so if you are aware of any or know of any blogs that I could include a link on, that would be great. I hope you do not mind me adding you to my blog as I think I will continue to enjoy your 'easy on the eye' layout as well as the funny yet every day topics you blog about. Thanks David.