Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Update: At Long Last, Philadelphia

On Saturday I will fly to Philadelphia and no later than Tuesday or Wednesday sign the lease on a new apartment.  I also hope to meet an agent or two while there, and touch base with theater people to whom colleagues have recommended me.  I understand it's COLD up there right now, but, no matter:  I'm looking forward to the adventure of living and working in a new city.  I can't wait, really.  I'll be working in Portland, Houston and other places (such as Oklahoma, perhaps) quite a bit through the Spring and Fall, but having my own space to come back to in which I can comfortably rehearse on my feet, do pilates, and use a rowing machine will be grounding.

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Kay Browning said...

David, thanks for the input on monologues. Not as familiar with Gurney or Durang. Will track them down. Good luck in Philadelphia. Bring a coat!