Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit

It's remarkable to me how little Republican leaders seem to care about being liked or respected beyond their core base. They sound stupid, but don't care, and I respect the 'discipline' of that, in a way. But, why do they get away with refusing to debate or engage the Democrats in a substantive way? I posit that the anger of the conservative base can not be assuaged by any change in reality as they know it, and Republican leaders know their base won't demand them to make sense. The most left elements of the liberal base share this fault--its own unreasoning anger--to a large degree, but the Democratic leadership hasn't completely caved to them (e.g., Barney Frank will tongue lash anyone.) The Dems are still trying to govern everyone. The Reps remain content to throw raw steak to the base. I suppose if your vision of society is best expressed by Ayn Rand, that makes sense. I sure miss "moderate Republicans."

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