Wednesday, February 10, 2010

UPTA '10

UPTA went well for me.  I was called back by every company on my list as well as by a couple that weren't.  One job I thought I was in the running for didn't pan out, but I'm also considering an offer that was unexpected, among other good options for both summer and fall/winter work.  One awkwardness for me is that turning EMC is now a priority that not many non-Equity companies can help on.  To gain access to epas I need to be EMC.  To flag my professional aspirations with local non-Equity companies I want to be EMC.

I'm hoping to work soon for theaters in Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, and Louisiana, as well as in the Philadelphia/NYC region.  So, in the coming week, I'm also attending two or three theater auditions in Philly, as well as following up on UPTA negotiations.  I'm also going to at least two more open calls for casting directors and seeing two more agents.  One small, but well-reputed agency that I liked a lot (for one thing, it casts some NYC and regional theater as well as on camera) has already said it's interested in sending me out, but on the recommendation of both casting directors and agents, I am interviewing other agencies as well, so I can be sure of having found the best fit.  Paul Russell writes about the importance of chemistry between actor and agent.  I see that.  It's tempting to free-lance (i.e., list with multiple agents for the same kind of work) but most likely I won't do that, if for no other reason than loyalty counts with me.  In the end, I'll likely wind up with an agent for on-camera and another one for print (later on, when I'm ready for a NYC agent, I'll have one there for 'legit' work.)  I look forward to announcing my representation in this space before the month is out.

I know I still owe a 'real' post for this space.  All this chatter annoys me, too.  Soon.

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