Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shakespeare As Fortune Teller

I'm grown old enough to refer to Shakespeare's lovers when thinking about my own life and the relationships which define it. First there was R & J (the angst of middle school).  Then Orlando & Rosalind (teenage education).  Then Berowne & Rosaline (the inane ideologies of college). Then Benedick & Beatrice entwined by their long battle (the back and forth of 2 marriages/divorces). So now would be: Antony & Cleopatra (the hot girlfriend who lives far away).  The contours are broad and parallels inexact, but, the internal drama of each romantic episode--and the foreshadowing mood at the end of each presaging the next episode to come (like the smell of a summer storm that's not yet here)--dead on.  Who're next for me?  

Egads, I hope not Leontes and Hermione. 

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Harold Phillips said...

Good topic for a fully-drawn essay/ lecture/ one-man show... you might want to put on your writer hat (while you're waiting backstage at the Walnut Street) and see what you can do with that... :)