Sunday, April 18, 2010

"New Works" Rethought

Today I went to a series of panel discussions that featured "New Works" in theater and so my heretofore grumpy comments about them are already in need of revision.  Now that I'm exposing myself to actual information rather than my own dodo ideas I find myself way more generous.  Imagine that.

I should always remember that my curmudgeonly first instincts are almost always wrong.  But I bet you knew that.

Revised thoughts to float to this space when I have some time.


Dennis Baker said...

I too tend lean on the side of Curmudgeon-ness. Glad to hear you are opening to the new works discussion. Some good conversations are going on.

There is some good stuff over at Arena Stage's New Play Blog.

Signore Direttore said...

I've heard the self-reproachment: First thought wrong, but I like "First thought dodo" better.