Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slow Days

Because I've been blue lately I've been watching easy-to-digest t.v.:  Damages, Justified, Glee, The Amazing Race, Breaking Bad, and House.  I've read a few scripts, too, and obsessively keep up with The NYT, The New Republic, and at least a couple of section of The New Yorker.  I've also read The Humbling, which I hated, by Philip Roth, and have begun reading Solar, which seems a bit stale, by Ian McEwan.  On my Kindle also await me essays by Wallace Shawn, The Hollywood Economist, by Edward Jay, In Pursuit of Silence, by George Prochnik, and a raft of fiction.  A pile of scripts (always in proper book form) are piled on an end table next to my reading chair.  And, because the last few weeks have been light, I've been walking a lot; mostly 90 minutes into town before the theatre or to run errands and then 90 minutes back.  I need to add back in both pilates and yoga but have been feeling crusty about it.

Fortunately, we're just getting into the front end of the fall audition season, and I'm back to on-camera auditions, so things are picking up.  I also think I'll be in Houston to do a show in June.

A slow, hazy few weeks, here.

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Irene said...

Wait a're reading Solar too? I started that on my plane right back to Houston. Still too early into it to make an assessment.