Sunday, April 04, 2010

What "The Superstar Effect" implies about Training

 "...novices hit better putts when they consciously reflect on their actions. The more time they spend thinking about the putt, the more likely they are to avoid beginner's mistakes and sink the ball in the hole.  A little experience, however, changes everything. After golfers have learned how to putt—once they have memorized the necessary movements—analyzing the stroke is a dangerous waste of time.... All those conscious thoughts erase their years of practice; the grace of talent disappears."
-- from "The Superstar Effect," by Jonah Lehrer in The Wall Street Journal.
This is why we train at our chosen art or craft or profession, to release talent by making skills automatic.

Link to:  The Superstar Effect


Jon said...

Yup, the same thing is true in the music fundamentals (ear training, etc.) that I teach. They wonder why they have to spend time thinking about all this stuff, and it's so that they won't have to think about it later, in the heat of performance.

Lucindyl said...

Yes!! Yes!!