Friday, June 04, 2010

Glory Days

Today I drive up to Connecticut to see friends from the old days before nine cities, two marriages, a stint on a sailboat, 2.8 graduate degrees, a remarkably consistent political outlook, and far too much gear.  These people impressed me when we were all sixteen and they've only endeared themselves more to me over the decades as they've ever persistently continued to be themselves, the kids very much apparent through-and-through in their adult passions and personas.  I trust them to forgive me my own missteps, unrealized ambitions, and ineradicable quirks.  I'm sure the mistakes I've made in life since we schooled together were foreseen by them more clearly than I understand them in retrospect:  they may well have known my future better than I grasp my past.  I'll have to forgive them for that.

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