Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Idiosyncrasy and Ease"

At perhaps a late date in life I'm learning to trust my instincts for making art.  There's much in David Mamet's pseudo-theorizing that I find appallingly cartoonish, but reading Theatre does remind me that as an actor what I most have to offer is "idiosyncrasy and ease," and that all my training to date is in support of releasing those qualities (voice, movement, stage craft, and acting technique are only as useful as they lead to an easy deployment of self on stage... which is not to say that one is 'playing' one's self, of course.)  I'm learning now to trust my own curiosity and taste because to do anything else will be to fail not only as an artist but as an employee in the theatrical work place.  Inevitably, the more I ease myself into trusting my work the more successful it is.  Doing art is walking a tight rope, requiring focus, craft, flexibility, and ease:  which make it fun.

("Fun" is a great word, isn't it?  Starting with a soft unvoiced hiss, followed by a buzzing shwa on the roof of the mouth just behind the top teeth, ending with an easy voiced 'n' massaging the labial fold.)

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