Friday, June 18, 2010

My Man Jonathan Gonzalez.

I enjoyed playing farce around Catelaan's sculpture "All" at The Menil Gallery.  The acoustics were an unenjoyable obstacle--our voices boomed around the empty white walls--that we combatted by sharpening our diction as much as we could, but having the chance to play big and fast after an extremely brief rehearsal period felt like a busman's holiday, a lark.  It was a particular pleasure to work again with Jonathan Gonzalez, with whom I worked while we were grad students together at UH, I in Acting, he in Directing.  At UH, Jonathan directed me in a staged reading of a new play and in a full staging of As You Like It.  He leads with a wide open heart and can be ingenious about directing supportively but yet purposively:  that is, he allows actors a lot of apparent freedom while remaining sure and strict about what he ultimately wants to see, though if in the end he doesn't get all that he hoped for, he doesn't whine.  The man's a pro.  I hope to work with Jonathan many times to come, not only in an actor-director relationship, but as actor-actor, too; e.g., we're still hoping to produce and perform Speed the Plow together.

Gonzalez is a mensch, talented and sneakily smart.

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