Monday, June 28, 2010


This week I start working with Jeff Lesser to move closer to singing principal roles.  I worked with Theresa Koon, in Portland, and she brought me to the point I can actually do the voice work--she got me through my terror of it as well as gave me a raft of basic technical skills--and now that I'm in Philadelphia, I'm hoping Jeff and I can take me further. My first order of business is work up a rock 'n roll song with which I can audition for American Shakespeare Center, and if I were to be hired there, could sing in a show.  Next, my goal is to return to UPTA, in Memphis, next February not only with an audition song but with the confidence to market myself for singing in musical theater.  I lost work in at least two repertory companies, last summer, because I could act in the straight plays but not sing in the musicals. There's money in there them eleven o'clock numbers.

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