Friday, June 25, 2010

Things I Miss (and for which I'm thankful)

  • sailing out of sight of land
  • winter sailing on Puget Sound
  • drinking beer with the old guys at the Cantina on Flamingo Bay
  • Irish music at The Plow & Stars in Cambridge
  • skinny dipping
  • my heavily underlined copy of Being & Time
  • the hot tub on Rattlesnake Drive
  • bicycling in Nova Scotia in June
  • The Prince of Fundy
  • The Deborah Lynn
  • Hasselblad and shooting in square format
  • darkroom printing
  • money blown before knowing how to use it
  • The Orson Welles Cinema
  • double features
  • sneaking out after curfew
  • bicycling in the Columbia Gorge and up Mt. Hood
  • Joseph Conrad seminar at UM
  • clam shacks and lobster rolls on the North Shore
  • motorcycling out to Tybee Island for breakfast
  • Sarah, our St. Bernard
  • Michelle, our mutt
  • when sex was crazy shameful
  • wet dreams
  • reading all night

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