Friday, June 11, 2010

Titus Andronicus = Coriolanus + Hamlet + Ophelia = Me

I'm exceptionally happy to say that I've accepted the title role in Titus Andronicus, to be produced this fall for The Philadelphia Fringe Festival by Plays & Players, and directed by Liam Castellan, a Philadelphia director and sometime-actor.  Plays & Players works out of a lovely auditorium in Center City, near Rittenhouse Square.  Plays & Players was established in 1911 as a community theatre and has begun the formal process of becoming a professional non-profit.  Because Titus Andronicus will first show as part of the 2010 Philadelphia Fringe Festival it should draw a good audience of dedicated theatre goers who will be making their way among many venues.  

Titus is one helluva role:  one part Othello, one part Coriolanus, one part Hamlet, and one part Ophelia (yes!  the arrows scene:  watch it back to back with Ophelia's flowers and herbs scene.  They're much the same.)  I'm also looking forward to making my Philadelphia theatre debut.


Harold Phillips said...

Congrats, David! That's truly wonderful news!

suzy vitello soulé said...

You go, David! I'm so happy for you!

Jon said...

Fantastic, David! As you say, a helluva role. The Grand Tradition of the actors who've played it: Laurence Olivier, Trevor Peacock, Anthony Hopkins, David Millstone. I'm there!


Signore Direttore said...