Friday, July 30, 2010

Tall Titus


are short.

Millstone is tall.

(Keegan isn't short but he's barrel chested and thick.)


Tim said...

I'm gonna see a production of Titus tonight! (I think it's a short Titus though--that doesn't help your case)

Kay Browning in DC said...

And what's wrong with tall? It just means that you don't have to work so hard at commanding the stage!


David Millstone said...

Kay - no doubt, no doubt. But, these short dudes have a compelling ferocity to them born of some Napoleon complex-thing, where tall guys such as me often exude complacency. Sometimes they exude both ferocity AND complacency: e.g., Liam Neeson, whom I'm more than a little like.

The short dudes also move better. We tall guys are a bit gangly or heavy-limbed. Neeson is a good example....

Pre-rehearsal butterflies is all this is. My Marcus is a woman who's 5'11', though so we'll make a great looking pair of regal siblings.