Saturday, August 28, 2010

Titus 3.1

The Lavinia-Titus bond breaks my heart.  Act 3.1 turns out to be a stunning aria of grief, a duet and pas de deux, but I could only know this by getting off book and into rehearsals at full-tilt boogy.  My God.  It's not the relentlessness that's so stunning:  it's the precision of the imagery conveying the grief that stuns.  Before doing 3.1 I didn't think I was "going to be able to cry."  Ha!  Can't help it.  Though if someone replaces my glorious Lavinia (Jennifer Ann Hutton) I may cry for another kind of grief.

What a ride can be found in the most unexpected places, e.g., in a--"sniff"--"early play."  Shakespeare may have only been 18 or something like that but the little feck was still Shakespeare.

What a ride.

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