Sunday, September 26, 2010

Altman Hearing How Men Talked to Women

Irene and I just watched The Long Goodbye.  I'd never seen it.  Elliot Gould is terrific.  I also loved Sterling Haden.  I'd only ever seen him in Dr. Strangelove as the mad colonel who blows up the world so he was a special revelation.  I also love Altman at work.  He's sneaky.

It's strange listening to men talk to women in these movies from the early 70s.  I almost thought Altman wasn't hearing how bizarre the men's treatment of the women is, like games keepers talking to kids in a petting zoo, but the bit around the woman who gets a coke bottle smashed in her face makes clear that he most definitely heard it.  


Jon said...

I just rewatched it recently myself (saw it when it first came out too). It has an atmosphere all its own.

As a musician, I get a special kick out of the way Altman and John Williams contrived to have every scrap of music (even the doorbell, even the Mexican funeral band) be the movie's title song.

David Millstone said...

the sound/musical score is witty as hell, isn't it?

Irene said...

The theme song playing throughout reminded me of Breakfast At Tiffany's (Moon River over and over and over)!