Sunday, September 19, 2010

City Paper Mini-Review

Titus Andronicus
by Plays & Players
Running Time: 110
part of LA 2010 Fringe Tickets
CP Review:
Titus Andronicus: Shakespeare’s Sopranos? Liam Castellan’s low-budget, streamlined production successfully reveals character (and lack thereof, integrity-speaking), with marvelous moments of depravity: Cyndi Janzen’s Tamora refusing Titus’ daughter Lavinia (Jennifer Ann Hutten) mercy, directing her sons to rape and mutilate her; Jerry Rudasill’s Aaron celebrating his murderous mischief, even while his tenderness for his newborn son wells; and Titus (David Millstone), pushed to bloody insanity — or is it rational coldness? In last night’s first preview, blood effects, combat and some young actors seemed tentative, but will no doubt grow to match these powerful performances. Through Oct. 2. —Mark Cofta


Kay Browning in DC said...

Wow! Congratulations!


David Millstone said...

Thank you, Kay. On the other hand, I was slaughtered by Toby Zinman in The Inquirer. Zinman turns out to be famous for her viciousness so I feel I've finally been properly welcomed to town.