Saturday, September 04, 2010

Elliott Gould Says:

A. One of the things that is at the root of our problems as a species is the ego. With the ego, then there’s fear.
Q. So part of those roles is letting go of your ego?
A. Absolutely, that’s what life is about. 
-- Elliott Gould, in NYT interview, Saturday, Sept 4th, 2010 


Angela said...

:) Love.

Patrick Wohlmut said...

Elliot Gould's interpretation of Philip Marlowe, in Altman's "The Long Goodbye," is my favorite characterization of Marlowe so far. He's childish and petulant, railing against the corruption of the world and making immature, snarky comments at everybody; and yet when it comes down to it he has this ability to turn completely cold and do what needs to be done. A total study in paradoxes.

Signore Direttore said...

Elliot Gould is genius in The Long Goodbye. And of course he's right about the ego.
That said, I can't help but think of an old joke ... A movie producer calls the studio head and says I've got a great project for you boss. I've got a script written by Chayefsky, Huston to direct, Newman, Dunaway and Gould to star ...
The boss says wait, You got a script by Paddy Chayefsky that I haven't heard of?
The producer answers, No, not Paddy, I've got a script by Eddie Chayefsky, but it's great I gotta tell you.
And the director; do you have John Huston? He wasn't available, but I got his second cousin Molly Huston. She's raw, but definitely a comer. Okay, okay what about the stars?
I got Ronny Newman and Sally Dunaway.
I was afraid you were gonna say that. And the Gould you have, I suppose Elliot wasn't available?
Oh no, boss. Elliot's in.