Monday, September 13, 2010


I slept terribly last night.  Chunks of Titus monologues came bobbing to the surface between long unwinding dreams about stage life, details already long gone, though it's only 5:45 a.m. I've been up for an hour.  I opened my browser this morning to read the papers. First thing that caught my eye was an essay by Jonathan Chait in The New Republic about the not-ever-new whining of American liberals that will, this time, help curtail Obama's effectiveness and, in the past, has done its share of damage to Democratic presidents positioned from center to left, e.g., Clinton, Johnson, Carter, LBJ, FDR.  F**k'n liberals.  I'm one of 'em.  I'm a LIBERAL.  But, I've never been under the illusion that the country as a whole is as liberal as I.  I'm tired of the political Right in America getting away with untold shenanigans and destructive change.  I'd be happy if the Left showed as much discipline as the Right.  Though come to think of it:  if we're lucky The Tea Party will be to Republicans what Nader-sympathizers and other "I-want-it-nowers!" are to the Democrats.

I'm driving up to South Orange in a couple of hours to audition for a show that received a terrific NYT review in its Off-Broadway run last year.  Then I drive back to Philly, have a nap if possible, then go into cue-to-cue and a tech run-through of Titus.  Hopefully I'll see my costume.  We open on Thursday and no costumes have yet appeared.  I do have my boots, though.  I bought them while in grad school, and they continue to come in handy, perhaps for kicking fellow Liberals' behinds.

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