Monday, October 18, 2010

Of Two Minds

I'd like both to write and act, but:

First, there's the inchoate mess of ideas and day dreams that vie for attention and are difficult to order sensibly.

Next, there's the long hours of physical passivity and outer quiet that feel as if the current living world has jammed to a halt.

Then, there's the always-concurrent conviction--concurrent with a not-wholly-convinced-of-itself creative urge trying to get something down on paper--that "this is a waste of time," a thought impervious to the demonstrable evidence of the waste of time committed by not writing.

Finally, writing mind moves slower and is surface-dumber than acting mind, even if deep-smarter.

Writing mind likes things quiet and steady and feels selfish.  Acting mind likes things brisk and unexpected and feels a little bit more connected.

Can they co-exist?


Patrick Wohlmut said...

Do you want to write?

David Millstone said...

Yah. One of my deep regrets is not having ever successfully written more than a short story, blog post, or short newspaper story. My other regret is not having had children. I'm ore or less reconciled to not having children.