Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tyrone in Moon

I'm delighted to say that I'll be understudying the role of James Tyrone Jr. in The Arden Theatre's upcoming production of Moon for the Misbegotten.


Jon said...

Fantastic! That means that you and I have both been considered "our new Jason Robards"!

Get the message out if someone really does "break a leg."

Anonymous said...

2010 Special Donation Recognition

As we come to the close of the year 2010, Images of the Motherland-Interactive Theatre 501-c (3) NPO would like to express our utmost gratitude to David Millstone, for his tremendous generosity in donating a MacBook Pro Lap Top Computer including a 30 inch monitor.
David exemplifies the “belief in action” of “giving back” to the community and those who strive to educate and serve the community.
Images of the Motherland-interactive Theatre currently has 5 original productions: “Songhai-Music/Dance Medley”, “Mambugur (Grandfather) & Tales of the Dogon”, “The Life & Times of Omar ibn Sayyid”, “The Last Africans” Documentary Film Project, and “The Living History Heritage Project”.
This equipment will be extremely useful in helping us to train dancers, musicians, actors and actresses, and all other performance artists who have recently joined our efforts, as well as those who are yet to come. This also gives us the enhanced ability to improve on already existing interactive instructional workshops. We plan to also integrate the multi-media possibilities of slide shows, power point, and other visual presentation formats into our performances. We also plan to enhance our production advertisement with professional booth exhibits.
This generous gift from David, has given us the opportunity to come forward to the present, with the technology of today. For this, we are extremely grateful.
Ahmad Kenya
Images of the Motherland-Interactive Theatre