Saturday, January 15, 2011

Understudy Heroics: Jennifer Summerfield

Jennifer Summerfield sat in the light booth throughout the second performance in the regular run of Moon for the Misbegotten because the actress she was understudying, Grace Gonglewski in the massive part of Josie Hogan, had been deathly ill all day.  Before performance time, Grace was ministered with anti-nausea pills and rest, so she made it to the stage, but if she had been to collapse or cry uncle at intermission, Jennifer stood ready.  The production is fortunate that Jennifer has had her part down cold since before previews and despite the fact that we didn't have our first understudy rehearsal until yesterday, the day after she spent the evening on stand by.  That's how it goes, folks.  Understudy and put-in rehearsals are welcome but you ain't necessarily gonna get one.

An increasingly familiar saying around the rehearsal room these days is "Jennifer rocks."

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