Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bespoken in Shanghai

Irene has encouraged me to have suits made while in Shanghai.  We will troll the fabric markets for fabrics and tailors, though after googling comments from purchasers, I anticipate this to be a fraught process in which great quality isn't guaranteed.

I'm looking for traditionally cut suits that will last me a long time.  I have a wonderful, grey pinstripe Armani that I bought off the rack a few years ago, but I've never been fully comfortable with the lapels, which seem to start high for my taste:  it's a very mid-2000s look, I think, a bit boxy.  I have a second suit, dark blue with alternating red and blue pin stripes, that's a very slim cut, and which I thought was pretty ugly when I bought it at Nordstrom's rack for $200.  However, I bought it for my rehearsal suit to use in grad school, and I've found that it reads well on stage.  Rather than look garish, the pinstripes make the suit pop (I'm wearing it in the photos below of A Moon for the Misbegotten.)

Here are things I know I want:  slimming cut, single breast, side vents, sleeve buttons, well placed pocket for mobile phone and single car key, moderate break, moderate double cuff.  Ideally, I'd like two suits, a dark blue pinstripe (good color for me) and a rich brown/chocolate herringbone.  Even better, I could have some shirts and ties to match.  My guess is that even in Shanghai I won't quite be able to afford all this and get excellent, heirloom quality, too.

It'll be an adventure.


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