Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Good/Bad of an Instinct for 'Networking'

What I do well:  meet many people doing interesting work and keep up with their projects so that I'm 'in the loop.'  I believe I tend to be good at 'networking' because I honestly enjoy it most of the time.

What I do poorly:  trust 'networks' to do their work without any added push from me.  I too often write one email (or, sigh, more) too many.  A corollary of this is that when I've been in two-way communication about projects for which I may be right, I too often count my chicks before they've hatched, thinking I've secured a job that I haven't.

What helps me continue to do what I do well and try to avoid what I don't is remember that I'm a would-be artistic collaborator rather than a supplicant.  I'm at my best when articulating and working an artistic vision and at my worst when asking for others' approval, as theater work so frequently does ask one to do.

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