Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunshine and Motion, Damn It.

So, I've been told by my brother who lives part of the year in Vermont that this winter brought the best skiing in years to New England, and I missed it.  Philadelphia has been a little too far away, especially with performance and audition commitments.  But what a drag, man.  This makes the second winter in a row in which I haven't skied and the pain I feel is physical, and emotional, like not having seen a lover in too long, blue heart, blue balls.  Can't let this happen again.

Since I didn't ski, this winter was also painfully long, wet, dark, and all-around freak'n miserable--but you knew that.  Gratefully the sun appears to be returning for extended periods.  So it's still cold, but I can live with that, sort of, though if I were offered an extended gig in Florida or Hawaii (not such a strange prospect as it sounds), I'd be off like a shot.

It's been too long since I've exercised my spiritual need for doing things outdoors.  For a couple of years now, I've lived head down, in front of the computer or in audition and rehearsal studios, chipping away at a mid-life start in a new artistic career.  But this is not enough.  Sailing, skiing, hiking, long-distance bicycling (though I'm done with that now), motorcycling, scuba: that's where I've always gone to re-find myself and recharge.  The little bit of hiking near me in Philly hasn't been enough.  Walking in Fairmount Park is like putting a giant rundown battery on a trickle charger for too short a time:  I've been walking around in constant brown out.  Forty-five minutes on a rowing machine once or twice a week at the gym is just enough to piss me off.

I would like some company in all these pursuits, too, but theater people?  They're often couch potatoes.  They watch sports but don't do them.  Beats me why.

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