Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home Made Goodness

I've come to judge performers less on perfect execution of bits and more on how willingly I slip into suspending disbelief while watching their work: sometimes craft, sometimes imagination, sometimes soul in varying measures do the trick. Theater is home made, like Nanna's chicken soup. The ingredients never quite simmer down the same way and yet always convince.

Mr. Radcliffe dances well, has learned to act through an enviable apprenticeship, and can't hit the high notes in the lead role on a Broadway stage, and I say, "Bravo."  I'd feel differently if I'd never see Robert Morse hit every note in the movie made of the original Broadway production, but since I have seen him do that, ok.  One lesser performance now does not diminish greater performances in both the past and future.  And what Radcliffe does bring is youthful brio, charm, immense good will, and paying audiences.

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