Thursday, May 31, 2012

Money : Life

New Statesman Review of "What Money Can't Buy"

"“To a remarkable degree,” Sandel notes, “the last few decades have witnessed the remaking of social relations in the image of market relations.”

Personally, I abhor how we commoditize every area of life, private and social, and impoverish our language by using market metaphors everywhere, e.g., we speak of artists needing to be "entrepreneurial" when we mean to say they need to have "initiative." (Business speak in the arts is one of my pet peeves.  The next person who tells me to "brand" myself is going to get branded literally, and I mean literally literally, not figuratively literally.)  I'm as guilty as anyone else but the drift saddens me, especially since I'm old enough to have seen a good part of the shift (e.g., early James Bond films were propaganda for commoditization--all that name dropping of products meant to make Bond 'sophisticated,' and make us want to try to be like him, by buying luxury goods.)  This isn't going to change.  And, speaking for myself, I'm never going to escape such 'capitalist' instincts, either (e.g., I want to do film and t.v.), but I'm also grateful for pursuing an art and craft that, while infected by commoditization, also resists it.  You don't get rich acting in regional theater!

Home made is good.

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