Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thank You, Ray

I met Ray Duval while eating at the counter at Little Pete's, late one night, shortly after moving to Philly, a little more than two and half years ago. I'd been walking around town, he'd been to a movie up the street. We were both reading. He had an art book (artist name is on tip of my tongue) I asked him about and then we talked for over an hour. I learned a little about The Forest Theatre and
 his years there. I learned a bit more about the contemporary Philly theatre scene, which he knew well, especially its history. I then saw him a dozen times, or so, over the succeeding months and years and always, always looked forward to his warmth and support, when I found him in a crowd. He helped me feel at home in Philly, even though the city was entirely new to me, and I felt quite alone there. His warmth was a mitzvah. So, I am saddened to hear of his passing, and know he'll be missed by many friends and colleagues. But, I'm gladdened to feel assured that his life was a mitzvah for many. May the gates open wide for you, sir. And thank you.

(photo reposted from Philly.com obituary)

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