Monday, December 03, 2012

Relaxing into the Job

My job is to act, and teach workshops now and then. I'm only now beginning to believe this is possible and really happening to ME. When my performance is NOT what I hope for from myself, 90% of the reason is that a part of me holds back out of sheer incredulity that I could be an 'actor.' But, as my disbelief thaws, the more limber and satisfying my performances become. Growing faith that this is 
actually happening creates the conditions for the kind of relaxation on stage that allow it to happen well--at least for me, in my case.

I was once told it takes ten years of performance experience to be fully capable of 'relaxing' on stage. That feels accurate. And, btw, I'm coming up on year 9.

I keep using the words "I" and "me," but the more I do this work, the less ego I have in it. Pronouns and objects seem inappropriate as the work becomes more and more all 'flow.'

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