Monday, January 21, 2013

Stage Acting < Spiritual Practice

Stage acting is the closest thing to a spiritual practice that I know, with equal parts self assertion and letting go, both of which seem to be forms of releasing. But, that's just me, what I experience, as I ever so slowly get better at it. 

Two steps forward, one step back, all the time ("it's always Acting 101,") learning to express self-confidence without ego, vulnerability without self-victimizing, collaborating without subjugating self or others.

But, perhaps I'm merely describing work of any kind, or any venture in which one keeps going despite (or because of) doubt. (I'm thinking of you, Cheryl Strayed.) I'm thinking of most of us.

Perhaps doing art is merely a distillation of doing, and as such, perhaps it's a luxury. But, on the other hand, perhaps it's a necessity, an intentional practice allowing us to do everything else better.

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