Friday, March 01, 2013

Ben Cameron on new "Reformation" in the Performing Arts

Listening past Cameron's charisma and showmanship, I like the substantive, if perhaps overstated, argument he makes here (link to Ben Cameron's Ted Talk), that we're undergoing a contemporary "Reformation" in the arts, as old institutional structures hamstring innovation, at the same time democratizing technologies--e.g. digital image making, internet--liberate innovation. Cameron also speaks to a mismatch between economic structures and professionalism in the performing arts. He's probably right that a 'Pro-Am' way of doing performance is increasingly going to thrive ( as in Philly, Portland, Austin, Houston, Milwaukee, Chicago....) This is perhaps bad news for those of us who'd like to 'make a living' in the arts, but good news for anyone who can see a way to participate in the arts WHILE making a living (at something else, either closely tied to the arts, or not.)

Undeniably, it takes creativity to find ways to work creatively.

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