Thursday, May 30, 2013

Staunton, Home

I get around a lot but I've decided to try rooting awhile. I've signed a lease/option to purchase on a beautiful condo in Staunton, which I'm going to make my home base, at least long enough to see if that works. Staunton's a lovely little town, filled with people doing work I admire, and the right-driving distance to regional theater markets on the eastern seaboard and in the south and midwest (markets that include Atlanta, Washington D.C., Richmond, and Philadelphia, not to mention NYC.) Living here will mean working SMARTER in some ways: living in NYC or Philly, an actor can power through slow periods by brute auditioning, but that gets old and the returns can be slow to materialize. From Staunton, I hope to keep active with theater relationships I've already made--on both sides of the country--and, when possible or necessary, make my own work. Auditioning in NYC will still be on the agenda, but in a more selective fashion.

It helps that Virginia is lovely country, and Staunton's within three hours of Washington, D.C., and even closer to Charlottesville, Richmond, and Roanoke.

I'm old enough now to want my feet on the ground so my head may stay in the clouds.

Here goes!

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Kathryn Browning said...

Welcome to Virginia! I've been working out of the DC suburbs for the past 3 years. It's centrally located for acting on the East Coast. It works. Kay Browning