Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From the Audition Trail: "Entrepreneurial"

"Entrepreneurial" is a word I hate and something I DON'T really want to be. I'd love a permanent job and a pension. But, actors don't get to do that. We have to scramble. Put in the leg work. Risk annoying friends with queries (a lot of that, these days). Spend more on transportation than we'd like. Travel to auditions on days off. Remember that an audition today probably translates into a job two or three years from now. Avoid most (but NOT ALL) of the 'classes' out to pocket the money of actors desperate to meet CDs and directors. Put money into head shots. Consider self producing. Know what one is good at. Be willing to delimit one's 'market' even if one really WOULD love to be on Boardwalk Empire. Research agents. Teach classes. Get to the day job. Have a 'market' strategy that one can adapt or toss out, as needed. Anything and everything except: expect to sleep in late or just punch a clock. It ain't that kind of gig.

And this: putting in the mileage means clocking a lot of what one might mistakenly call 'failure.' Mistakes or jobs not offered aren't 'failures.' They're experience. They're "getting to know the business." They count.

Here ends my catechism.

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