Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Relocating to DC

I'll be relocating three-quarters-time (or so) to DC within the next few months. I've been pleased to feel welcomed there by three or four theaters, which have either given me work, inquired about my availability and interest, or have expressed hopes of working with me. It looks as if I'll be performing in three shows with Alliance for New Music-Theatre during 2015 (I can only name one of them, at the moment, METAMORPHOSIS, which did well in its "first iteration' at Woolly Mammoth, this past August. I'll announce the others as contracts are signed.) I'm hopeful more will come soon. Also, DC is proving to be in reasonable commuting distance to Philadelphia and NYC.

When not in DC, or working elsewhere, I'll continue to live in Staunton, with my wife-to-be, and her two, terrific kids.

More, anon.

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