Friday, January 02, 2015

Memories of The Millhouse Restaurant and Art Gallery

Random note: Ahmad Jamal stayed in my parents' house in Waitsfield, Vermont, in the Mad River Valley, during the 1970s, and gave my youngest brother, Mike, piano lessons, during the years my folks owned and ran The Millhouse Gallery and Restaurant. I once taught Jon Hendricks how to ski... well, at least I-and my other brother, Bob--kept him company as he took hours to snowplow down the mountain, before his gig that night. Late in his seventies, Jon was sore as hell the next day. And Bobby McFerrin made a $20 long distance call on my Cambridge, MA phone, for which Michelle Hendricks paid me back. We particularly adored the Hendricks family, who came up to the Valley a few times. Art Blakey was also around a bit because he owned a house nearby and had an ex-wife and kids in town (ok, he had kids everywhere, true.) 
Mike also got sax lessons from Sonny Rollins. Mike Wingman has learned from the best. 
p.s. Something else many people don't know about Waitsfield, Vermont: Ralph Ellison and Saul Bellow once lived there as roommates, while (if I remember correctly) Ellison was writing Invisible Man (I might be wrong about that detail.)
Of course, it just occurred to me that many of my (under-40) friends have no idea who ANY of these people are, or why I'd want to drop their names. Time buries all.

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